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We make small metal parts for a range of manufacturing sectors.

Nails for the footwear industry, rivets and buttons for clothing and jeans, screws for the woodworking, mechanical and electronics industries as well as solid and semi-tubular rivets for a range of industrial and manufacturing sectors, using the latest technologies for production using wire.

Cima Srl founded in 1991, has grown thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Pravato brothers who, over the years, have been able to build up a solid, constantly developing concern. Company values such as a passion for excellence, innovation and a love of well-made products are what have made Cima Srl so outstanding from the start.
Our company flexibility allows us to assess feasibility and to cost specific requirements from customers in the smallest amount of time possible. We are always pleased to receive designs or samples that we can then discuss with you.

Cima Srl aims to optimise production standards, seeking continued improvements to the quality and technology of its products. In fact, all Cima Srl products are made using only top-quality materials, including iron, steel, copper, aluminium, brass and alloys according to the specific types of use.

Painstaking attention to detail and professionalism when it comes to manufacturing have imposed a certain regard for the quality of our workmanship, a quality that has become increasingly important and an essential part of what we do.